Once your site is translated and ready to be launched, you need to make strategic decisions about the delivery of your products. What are the expectations of French buyers regarding e-commerce? Many entrepreneurs succeed in setting up their online shop adapted to the French market but often block at this decisive stage. Which transporter to choose? Should I offer shipping costs above a certain amount? How to interface the shop to the transporter’s site to generate tracking links?

The French agency assists you in all stages of setting up your business in France and helps you make the best strategic decisions regarding your delivery terms that will make your launch a success. We support you in finding and implementing a tailor-made solution with local delivery organizations. If you are entering e-commerce and unless you are selling virtual products, services or working on a delivery network in physical stores, you will need to implement a delivery strategy. We support you in all stages in order to find the solutions that best meet your constraints and the expectations of your future customers.

By delivery strategy we mean:

  • Choose the French transport company with which you will work: La Poste, Mondial Relay…
  • Choose the delivery methods that you will propose to your French customers: at home, more or less fast, in relay points etc.
  • Choose how to invoice your customers for this service
  • Decide to offer the shipping costs and at what amount
  • Set up your delivery rate grids in your e-commerce system
  • Link your site to carrier systems to generate tracking links
  • Print tracking labels to stick on orders
  • Manage after-sales service with local transport companies: lost, stolen, damaged, forgotten by the customer, etc…
  • Use your shipping strategy to increase your sales.

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